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Product Program

Accessories of the infrared cameras

The following accessory items are available for optris PI infrared cameras: 

  • CoolingJacket / Water Protection Housing
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • Mechanical accessories
  • Works Test Certificate

You will find the STEP files for our accessories in the download area.

CoolingJacket Advanced

CoolingJacket Advanced for thermal imagers

Our new CoolingJacket Advanced is the universal protection for your thermal imager from hot ambient temperatures up to 315 °C [599 °F]). It also allows the integration of additional components like PI NetBox, USB Server Gigabit and Industrial Process Interface (PIF) in the extended version. 

Ethernet Cat. 6, USB- and sensor cables for ambient temperatures up to 250 °C (482 °F) as well as an optional cable cooling for up to 315 °C (599 °F) are available

Datasheet CoolingJacket Advanced
Manual CoolingJacket Advanced
Assembly video (integration of USB Server)

Air purge for rugged environments

Air purge for rugged environments

The air purge unit complements the reliable CoolingJacket for use in harsh environments, especially in the metal and glass industries.

An integrated, infrared-transparent special window protects the optics of the camera or sensor on the one hand and enables an optimal laminar air flow on the other hand. This is particularly important because turbulence directly in front of the optics leads to dirt deposits. The Optris development engineers designed, extensively tested and optimized the air purge attachment in the in-house test center.

In harsh environments, the airflow in front of the CoolingJacket has proven to be as critical for reliable and accurate temperature measurements as the cooling itself. The air purge unit optimizes this airflow and allows both orthogonal (left) and parallel (right) airflow.

Datasheet laminar air purge
Set-up video
Brochure temperature measurement in the glass industry


Outdoor protective housing

The universal protection housing (IP 66) has been developed for outdoor operation of the optris PI infrared camera series. Through a built-in air purge collar, the IR cameras can be deployed in dusty and humid conditions for a continuous temperature monitoring. The possible inclusion of a USB Server Gigabit enables for an integration into process control systems over large distances via Ethernet.  

The product video uses an XI IR camera.


Datasheet Outdoor protective housing
Manual Outdoor protective housing


Interchangeable Lenses

Interchangeable Lenses for Optris infrared cameras

Interchangeable lenses are available for all optris PI infrared cameras. Additional lenses may also be purchased afterwards for every camera individually. The exact field of view for all thermal imagers at any distance can be calculated with our optics calculator. If you are uncertain which IR camera is the most suitable for your measuring task, use our IR camera selector!


The following lenses are available for the thermal imagers of the optris PI series:

optris PI 400/450 and optris PI 450 G7

  • 29° x 22° lens
  • 13° x 10° lens 
  • 53° x 40° lens
  • 80° x 56° lens

optris PI 640 and optris PI 640 G7

  • 33° x 25° lens
  • 15° x 11° lens
  • 60° x 45° lens 
  • 90° x 64° lens

optris PI 1M

FOV @ 382 x 288 px:

  • 20° x 15° lens
  • 13° x 10° lens
  • 7° x 5° lens
  •  4° x 3° lens

FOV @ 764 x 480 px:

  • 39° x 25° lens
  • 26° x 16° lens
  • 13° x 8° lens
  •  9° x 5° lens


Mechanical Accessories

Mechanical Accessories for thermal imagers

The infrared camera optris PI consists of a standard photo thread. It can be fitted directly or via an additional mounting base, adjustable in 2 axes.

Works Test Certificate

Works Test Certificate for infrared cameras

For each infrared camera we offer a works checking certificate against a small expense.

Here you will find further information regarding the works test certificate.

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