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Battery monitoring with IR temperature measurement

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It is no secret that e-cars and battery manufacturers are growing inexorably across all industries. Likewise, the risk of a fire breaking out is increasing. Lithium-ion batteries are the most effective batteries in the world, but also the most dangerous. Once a li-battery has ignited it is almost impossible to extinguish confirm fire stations worldwide.

Additionally high temperature occur while a li-battery burns. The most effective way is to react as fast as possible to identify hotspots of defect battery cells for removal.


Solution by Optris - Battery Monitoring System

Our solution: Early hotspot detection to avoid the risk of a fire or explosion and associated health damage, expensive downtimes and resources. This system contains the Optris infrared cameras (Xi series or PI series) and the license-free software optris PIX Connect. Measurement of batteries on label or insulator on anode or cathode. The advantages of the system:

• Robust & compact design (IP67) allows quick and easy installation
• Up to 125 Hz measurement
• Stand alone System (Xi 410)
• Automatic hotspot detection with alarm output
• Multiple cameras visible on one software screen simultaneously
• direct Ethernet (Xi 410)
• Different optics available
• Self-monitoring system (fail-safe signal)
• Camera resolution up to 640 x 480 pixels
• Display infrared images on a standard PC or with
   IRmobile App on a mobile device



Further advantages / Summary

The Optris cameras are easy to install and can be integrated in a network. The additional PI NetBox reduces the Ethernet data traffic to the final PC system and acts as an extra safety instance (Watchdog-Function!).

Besides a great price/performance ratio, Optris has a worldwide network of highly qualified distributors and partners offering local technical support.


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