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Cooling housing with new protective casings

November 17, 2015

IR cameras and thermometers in harsh environements

Picture of the front view of a cooling housing for ir cameras and thermometers with protective grid
CoolingJacket with protective grid

The new cooling housing CoolingJacket Advanced for infrared cameras and infrared thermometers made by Optris can now be purchased with a protective window or protective grids as an option. “In addition to cooling of the sensors and cameras, the often harsh industrial conditions also necessitate effective protection of the high-quality lenses,” explained Thomas Heinke, Head of Development at Optris.

Protective window for infrared cameras
To better protect the infrared cameras optris PI 160, PI 400, PI 450, PI 450 G7, and PI 640, the new protective window can be mounted onto the CoolingJacket. Protective windows made of germanium are used for cameras working in long-wave infrared; for other spectral ranges, ZnS (zinc sulfide) or other specialty glass is used. All protective windows receive an anti-reflective coating for the corresponding spectral range, which ensures a better optical performance.

Protective grid for temperature measurement devices
If there is a risk of mechanical damage or destruction of the lenses (e.g., caused by flying objects), the CoolingJacket can also be equipped with a protective grid as an alternative. Protective grids have also been developed for mounting in front of the relevant lenses. The grids are available in the aperture sizes of 2 mm and 3.15 mm. As the protective grids sit directly in front of the lens (i.e., in the out-of-focus area), neither picture quality nor measuring accuracy are adversely affected. As is also the case for the protective windows, the device software corrects the low signal attenuation present by adjusting the transmission.


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