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Infrared line camera of Optris as software solution

March 16, 2011

Introduction of innovative linescanner-function of the optris PI thermal imager at exhibition Control 2011

During the 7th special exhibition “Berührungslose Messtechnik” (non-contact temperature measurement) of the Fraunhofer-Allianz Vision at this years Control in Stuttgart, Optris will introduce the innovative linescanner-function of the optris PIX Connect software in hall 1, booth 1612.

“The extensive analysis software optris PIX Connect is delivered with each of our optris PI infrared camera”, informs managing director Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kienitz.“Besides other functions, the optris PIX Connect software has an innovative linescanner mode which can be used for displaying and reliably monitoring continuous processes.

”The IR line camera is primarily used for non-contact temperature measurement at moving objects, especially if the optical path to the object is limited. The linescanner is installed for the measurement of bulk material on conveyor belts, such as carbon. A temperature monitoring at hot spots is taking place as blaze nests can lead to fire.

The linescanner-function conducts temperature measurement in one line with up to 200 pixels and displays those as a thermal image with unlimited quantity of lines. The opening angle of the camera is 60° with a wide-angle lens and can capture wide objects or conveyor belts. The camera finds ideal use in fast processes as it consists of 120 Hz (pictures per second).

The set up of the linescanner-function takes place through the optris PIX Connect software. After defining the position of the line within the thermal image – the optris PI is here used as a direction help – the configuration of the functionality takes place. The number of displayed lines can be defined or the definition of a trigger signal for the automatic thermal image saving. Finally the definition of the individual layout takes place such as the display of saved images in the snapshot history.  

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