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IR camera for temperatures up to 1.800 °C

April 08, 2015

Frame rates of up to 1,000 Hz for fast processes


The optris® PI 1M thermal imaging camera is the latest innovation in the Optris camera range. In addition to the well-known advantages of Optris infrared cameras, such as their compact size, USB interface and license-free software, the new PI 1M is the only model on the market that features a continuous temperature measurement range of 450 °C to 1,800 °C, a frame rate of up to
1 kHz and a choice of optical resolution/frame rate modes. "The camera is designed for measuring the temperature of metal surfaces", explains Torsten Czech, Product Marketing Manager at Optris GmbH.

Continuous temperature measurement range of up to 1,800 °C
The optris® PI 1M has an extensive temperature measurement range of 450 °C to 1,800 °C. Unlike those of other thermal imaging cameras in this class, this range is continuous, i.e. it can be used without subdivisions. That means it no longer needs to be switched for many applications, making the camera much more versatile.

Variable optical resolution/frame rate settings
The highly dynamic CMOS detector allows a maximum optical resolution of 764 x 480 pixels at a frame rate of 32 Hz. The ultra-compact infrared camera can be switched to 382 x 288 pixels at 80 Hz or 27 Hz and 72 x 56 pixels at 1,000 Hz for fast processes. "That way the camera can be operated as a fast pyrometer," adds Czech. "The middle pixel can be displayed via a 0-10 V analog output with an adjustment time of 1 ms in real time, which puts it on a par with our high-performance thermometers."


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Norman Rönz
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Dipl.-Ing. Maik Lippe
Inside Sales Manager
Optris GmbH 
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Email: info@optris.de

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