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More precise and faster infrared thermometers from Optris

October 08, 2010

Berlin, 8 October 2010. The steady and innovative development of the product range of Optris GmbH results in the introduction of the enhanced infrared thermometers.

“We are proud to be able to adjust our products to the needs of the market due to our internal research department“, states managing director Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kienitz. “We now have one of the smallest, more precise and faster infrared sensor in the world by improving our optris CTfast LT´s optical resolution to 25:1 and the response time to only 6 ms.“

Product improvements also took place regarding the optris CSmicro LT and the optris CSmicro 2W; besides the optris CTfast LT. This allows fulfilling the increasing requirements of non-contact temperature measurement technique even better. The devices can be used within the plastic industry for applications such as deep-drawing and thermoforming of foils, laminating and drying of surfaces or welding of plastic parts.

The infrared thermometers optris CTfast LT, optris CSmicro LT and optris CSmicro 2W LT are measuring temperatures ranges between -50°C and 975°C. The optical resolution of the devices is improved to 25:1 (CTfast LT) and 15:1 (CSmicro LT, CSmicro 2W LT). The sensors are faster than ever due to the new response times of 6 ms and 30 ms.
Optris sets new benchmarks regarding the size and robustness of the sensing heads within the area of industrial infrared thermometers. The miniaturized sensing heads are developed for the use in cramped and small surroundings and are suited for small apparatus and engine construction. The very advantageous cost-performance ratio supports the integration within OEM solutions and the operation of the devices at multiple infrared measurement areas.

The measurement devices offer a unique advantage regarding the installation within hot surroundings. The robust, superior design allows the operation with temperatures up to 120°C without cooling. This benefit accounts to a reduction of cost for mechanical installations.

Longina Becken · Tel.: +49 30 500 197 21· E-Mail: longina.becken@optris.de

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