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Outdoor protective housing for infrared cameras

June 27, 2016

Integrated air purge collar and temperature adjustment allows 24/7 use

Outdoor protective housing for infrared cameras
Outdoor protective housing for infrared cameras

As well as cooling housing, Optris GmbH now also offers specially designed protective housing for the outdoors. This allows the optris PI Series infrared cameras to be used outdoors all year round in rough conditions. As a special feature the outdoor protective housing has an air purge collar. The USB Server Gigabit, which can be integrated into the housing, allows the infrared camera to be linked to the control system over large distances.

Temperature measurement technology under rough conditions
The outdoor protective housing has been classified with an IP 66 International protection marking and is made from robust sheet steel. The camera lens is actively protected from external influences by the anti-reflective coated germanium windows and a resilient protective film. Additionally, the outdoor protective housing has been equipped with an air purge collar which continually guards the protective window from dirt particles, thus allowing the infrared cameras to be used in dusty and humid environments.

Simple integration into 24/7 monitoring system
The engineers at Optris have fitted the ABUS housing with a PTC heating element which turns on at temperatures of under 15° C. This, coupled with the fan unit – which ensures even temperature distribution – guarantees that the infrared camera is always at the perfect operating temperature. This gives the camera a functional range of -40 °C to +30 °C. Via the integrable USB Server Gigabit the online USB cameras can be converted to Ethernet, meaning they can be integrated into a process system over large distances. The dimensions of the housing are 390 x 150 x 112 mm.


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