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Director of Corporate Projects and Innovation

Optris GmbH is one of the leading, innovative companies in the field of non-contact temperature measurement  technology. The product range covers portable thermometers, fixed industrial thermometers as well as infrared cameras. For our US office we are looking for a

Director of Corporate Projects and Innovation at Optris IR Sensing, LLC in Portsmouth, NH

The Director of Corporate Projects and Innovation (DCPI) will research current and new markets for remote infrared temperature measurement technology and identify existing sensor technologies (both pyrometers and infrared imaging) that can effectively address markets with significant revenue potential in the United States and Canada. Duties:

  • Suggest and work together with the German engineering team and sensor vendors in the development of new IR sensing technologies necessary to support new market development.
  • Establish a business branch around fiber optic measurement solutions, including fiber optic temperature, acceleration and pressure sensors, for process control applications, in order to expand the core business.
  • Meet extensively with integration partners and develop specific programs and define software development platforms that will simplify their development efforts and expand the adoption of Optris IR camera products in the process control integrator community.
  • Collaborate with the General Manager to define the technical infrastructure necessary to further develop North American markets. This effort will include the development of plans for infrared temperature calibration and other support activities to include software development and training.
  • Identify specific business partners (National Instruments, Emerson, Baker Hughes, GE) developing IIOT solutions and identify technical attributes necessary to successfully partner with these companies as a supplier for pyrometer or IR camera products.


  • Master of Science degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, or related field
  • Two (2) years of experience with the following: as responsible lead engineering manager of optical, acceleration, contact temperature, and pressure sensing products; and with project management of extensive R&D instrumentation, leading research projects.
  • 1 year of experience with the following: as R&D engineer for optical sensing systems; fiber optic sensors utilized in industrial environments; scaling sensor manufacturing procedure and processes.
  • 6 months of experience in integration feasibility of infrared technology for process industry applications.
  • Total experience must include accomplishing at least one serial integration process of optical sensor solutions; and developing business partnerships with European and Asian companies.
  • 60% domestic and international travel required.

To apply, send resume to: Tom Scanlon, tom.scanlon@optris-ir.com. Code SK22.


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