Xi 1M

The Optris Xi 1M, a short-wavelength infrared camera, excels in non-contact thermal imaging of challenging objects. It accurately measures the surface temperatures of hot metals, steel, ceramics, and semiconductors. With an autonomous thermal measurement capability and motorized focus, it offers reliability and ease in industrial settings without additional hardware. Featuring Ethernet, USB interfaces, and analog and digital process interfaces, it enables seamless integration into control systems and machinery.

• Industrial Ethernet short-wavelength infrared camera
• Wide measurement range from 450 °C to 1800 °C without sub-ranges
• Small-sized, ruggedized with motorized focus
• Highly dynamic CMOS detector with 396 x 300 pixels resolution
• Autonomous operation with auto hot spot finder and direct analog or alarm output and various fieldbus communication options


Scope of Supply:
Process imager Xi 1M
Ethernet / PoE cable (1 m)
USB cable (1m)
Cable for output/input (1 m) incl. terminal block
Mounting bracket with nut
Software package optris PIX Connect
Quick Start Guide

DETECTOROptical resolutionEthernet: 396×300 pixels; USB: 132×100 pixels; autonomous: 132×100 pixels
Pixel pitch15 µm
Spectral rangeHT: 0,85 – 1,1 µm
Optical FilterNo
Frame rate20 Hz
OPTICALField of View7°x5° (396×300 pixels)14°x10° (396×300 pixels)28°x21° (396×300 pixels)7°x5° CF (396×300 pixels)7°x5° (132×100 pixels)14°x10° (132×100 pixels)28°x21° (132×100 pixels)7°x5° CF (132×100 pixels)
Focal length [mm]5025125050251250
F Number2.81.822.82.81.822.8
Optical Resolution830:1420:1200:1830:1830:1420:1200:1830:1
Minmum Distance to target800 mm300 mm300 mm500 mm800 mm300 mm300 mm500 mm
Interchangeable opticsNo
MEASUREMENTObject Measurement Range450 °C1) … 1800 °C
AccuracyFor object temperature < 1400 °C: ±1 % of reading
For object temperature < 1600 °C: ±2 % of reading
Thermal Sensivitiy (NETD)  2 K ( 900 °C) / 4 K ( 1400 °C)
Minimal Instantaneous Field of View (IFOV)0.3mm0.5mm0.7mm0.1mm0.9mm1.5mm2.1mm0.3mm
Smallest measureable Spot Size MFOV1.2mm2.5mm2.8mm0.4mm3.6mm6.0mm8.4mm1.2mm
Measurement Field of View (MFOV)4×4 pixels
Warm-up time10 min
Emissivity /Transmissivity/ Reflectivityadjustable: 0.100…1.100
INTERFACESInterfaceUSB 2.0, Ethernet (100 Mbit/s)
Supported ProtocolsUSB, Ethernet (Static), RS485, Serial Communication
Optional: EthernetIP, ProfiNet, Modbus TCP
Compatible SoftwarePIXConnect, EasyComm, ConnectSDK, EasyAPI, DirectSDK
ANALOG INPUT/OUTPUTDirect output/input1x analog output (0/4-20 mA), 1x input (analog or digital); optically isolated
Optional Industrial Process interface (PIF)3x analog outputs (0/4–20 mA or 0–10 V) or alarm OUT (relais) / 3x inputs (analog or digital) / fail-safe (LED and relay);
stackable up to 3 PIFs; optically isolated
Cable lengthEthernet / RS485: 20 m (extendable up to 100 m)
USB: 1 m (standard), 3 m, 5 m
IMAGE PROCESSINGConfigurationvia PIXConnect
OperationAutonomous Standalone and/or computer-enabled
CapabilitiesMeasurement of hot metal surfaces and molten metal, Autonomous temperature evaluation of areas of interest, Linescanner, EventGrabber, Merger, Alarming, Comparison Functions,
GENERALSizeØ 36 mm x 112-127 mm (depending on lens), thread: M30x1
Housing MaterialStainless steel
Weight270 g (without mounting bracket)
Tripod1/4-20 UNC
Country of OriginGermany
ENVIRONMENTAL & CERTIFICATIONSOperating Temperature Range0…50°C
Storage Temperature Range-40…70 °C
Relative humidity10 – 95 %, non-condensing
Protection ClassIP67, NEMA-4
ShockIEC 60068-2-27 (25 G and 50 G)
VibrationIEC 60068-2-6 (sinus shaped); IEC 60068-2-64 (broadband noise)
StandardsCE, UKCA, RoHS
POWERPower SupplyUSB or Power over Ethernet or 8-30 VDC
Power Consumptionmax. 2.5 W
Part number

The Xi 1M is an advanced short-wavelength IR camera with a smart and autonomous operation mode. Its rugged housing, internal processing capabilities, and direct analog and digital communication outputs allow continuous monitoring of industrial assets. It is usually used in applications surrounding hot metals, metals, steel, ceramics, and semiconductors.

Rolling Mill
Induction Hardening
Deep Drawing Processes
Temperature Monitoring in the Casting Process
Preventing Aborted Pours Continuous Casting Plants
Ensuring the Monitoring of Materials
Optimization of the Galvanization Process
Induction Welding Processes
Vessels Safety
• Drop Forging Processes

Thermography software optris PIX Connect is included and license-free.

All infrared cameras are delivered with the thermography software optris PIX Connect, developed specifically for the extensive documentation and analysis of thermal images. The Windows-based PIX Connect software enables users to tailor the infrared cameras to meet specific requirements. It analyses live and recorded temperature data and triggers alarm signals for process integration.

The key to leveraging the Optris infrared camera is a correct configuration. This includes detailed device-specific configurations such as frame rate, measurement range adjustments, external communication settings, and USB/Ethernet configurations. Moreover, PIX Connect facilitates firmware updates and the download of configuration files over the Internet.


Optris offers several different SDKs for our Xi and PI thermal imaging cameras. Depending on the operating platform, the infrared camera, the coding language, and the hardware platform, different software interfaces can be utilized:


The Optris IRmobile allows users to set up and commission an Optris infrared pyrometer or infrared camera with an Android smartphone or tablet. This tool becomes handy for commissioning and aligning the infrared camera’s field of view or adjusting the configuration. The app analyzes the connected infrared camera’s live infrared image stream with auto hot and cold spot detection. For pyrometers, a temperature-time diagram or the video signal is displayed. This app works on most Android devices running 5.0+ with a USB port supporting USB-OTG (On The Go).

IRmobile App

All optris infrared cameras are compatible with the Data Acquisition (DAQ) Software Dewesoft X. DewesoftX is an award-winning data acquisition and signal processing software. It is heavily used for numerous test & measurement applications across all markets. DewesoftX is a popular tool for signal measurement, data recording, signal processing, and data visualization.