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Software - optris Compact Connect / ComactPlus Connect

Temperature Analysis Software

You can use the Compact Connect for the following two series:

Use the CompactPlus Connect for the following pyrometers:

optris PIX Connect SoftwareThe licence-free temperature analysis software allows simple and fast parameterization of the compact and the high performance series’ fixed infrared thermometers. It further serves the analysis and documentation of temperature measurement values, thus optimizing process control.


optris PIX Connect TemperaturverläufeThe modern software with its intuitive user interface enables the data display of multiple sensors in different windows. Additionally, the temperature information can easily be saved in Excel or MS Word for further actions.

Regarding the infrared thermometers optris CT and optris CT laser, up to eight different emissivity values of different materials may be entered with their corresponding alarm levels, enabling the simultaneous monitoring of several processes.

In case the software does not meet your expectations, we are glad to help you with individual adjustments.

The optris Compact Connect software is compatible with all netbooks, notebooks and computers using either Windows 7, 8 or 10.

The software's advantages at one glance

  • No additional costs
  • No restrictions in licencing
  • Modern software with intuitive user interface
  • Complete parameterization of sensors via software
  • Data display of multiple sensors in different windows

Temperature data analysis and documentation

Analyse der Temperaturdaten in Excel

  • Detailed analysis of temperature-time diagram
  • Temperature data can be saven in Excel for further processing
  • Diagram window can be saved to clipboard for further use in standard programs such as MS Word

Automatic process control

Advanced Peak Hold

  • Triggered data collection
  • Individual setup of alarm levels depending on the process
  • Definition of different analog and digital signal outputs (depending on the chosen intersection)
  • optris CT / optris CTlaser: Input of up to eight different emissivity values of different materials with corresponding alarm levels

Customer specific software adjustments

Berechnung des Emissionsgrads mit der optris Compact Connect

  • Various language options including a translation tool
  • Temperature display in °C oder °F
  • Adjustment of layouts
  • Loading and saving of measurement parameter settings for the specific application
  • Starting of different software stages to display multiple sensors
  • Locking of programing keys at CT electronic

Complete parameterization of the device

Einstellung der Messparameter bei der optris PIX Connect

  • Setup of all measurement parameters (emissivity, offset corrections, alarm)
  • Possibility to compensate surrounding temperature
  • Measurement simulation during setup of device via the sensor's output without actual surface temperature measurement
  • Automatic determination of unknown emissivity in case of available object temperature

Temperature display and recording


  • Presentation of temperature values as temperature-time diagram as well as as digital display
  • Real-time display of temperature data while processing (ratio, minimum and maximum value)
  • Automatic or manual scale adjustment of diagram for best display of measurement values
  • Data recording for detailed analysis and documentation later on

Download: optris Compact Connect or CompactPlus Connect software

Download the latest version of the optris Compact Connect  or CompactPlus Connect software here.

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