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optris Connect

optris Connect digital display of temperature values

The real-time analysis software optris Connect does not only help with the quick and easy parameterization of your handhelt thermometer. Additionally, it enables the documentation and analysis of temperature measurement values, that have been transferred to your computer via USB interface.

Temperatur Zeit Diagramm optris Connect

Various language options and a variable presentation of temperature values faciliate the operation of the software. Besides offering several language options as well as a variable presentation of temperature values to faciliate the use of the software, optris Connect allows the manual input of the emissivity for the temperature measurement on different surfaces, thus enabling the use in various applications.

The optris Connect software is compatible with all netbooks, notebooks and computers using the operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10.

The software's advantages at one glance

  • Integration of thermometers via USB 2.0
  • Various language options including a translation tool
  • Temperature display in °C oder °F
  • Compatible with Windows XP,,Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Easy authoring of image based temperature reports

Temperature display and analysis

Datenspeicherung und Analyse mit der optris Connect

  • Presentation of temperature values as temperature-time diagram as well as as digital display
  • Automatic or manual scale adjustment of diagram
  • Data recording for detailed analysis and documentation later on
  • Data saving including complete temperature information for analysis in Excel (*.dat)
  • Download of logger data in a clear structured table (display of high alarm in red and low alarm in blue)

Changing of setup

Ändern von Geräteeinstellungen der optris Handthermometer

  • Manual input of emissivity for an exact measurement on different surfaces
  • Option to compensate external surrounding temperatures (only with optris LS LT)



Download optris Connect

Download the latest version of the optris Connect (2.0.6) software here!

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