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Temperature measurement on glass

  • Special sensors for precise temperature measurements on glass
  • Line scan function for temperature measurement in flat glass production
  • Broad temperature ranges from 100 °C to 1,650 °C
  • Measurements at high ambient temperatures without additional cooling
  • Optionally with innovative double laser aiming
  • Wide choice of industrial accessories
  • Plenty of application areas within the glass industry
  • Outstanding price-performance-ratio
  • Made in Germany
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Maik Lippe

Dipl.-Ing. Maik Lippe

Tel.: +49 30 / 500 197 46
Fax: +49 30 / 500 197 10

Devices especially designed for glass:

Thermal imager                         PI 450/640 G7
                         from 5.850,- €

IR thermometer without laser                         CT G5 from 460,- €

IR thermometer with laser                        CTlaser G5 from 785,- €

                        CSlaser G5HF for fast                                   processes from 705,- €


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