Non-contact temperature measurement for industry and R&D

Optris has been developing and manufacturing innovative infrared measurement devices for non-contact temperature measurement, including infrared cameras, and stationary industrial IR thermometers for area and point measurement, for more than 20 years.

We are one of the leading companies in the field of noncontact temperature measurement. We appreciate your interest and hope that you join the satisfied customers who choose to use our measurement technology – featuring the highest quality as well as groundbreaking measurement and application concepts.

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Tradition and Innovation

Thanks to their extensive know-how and innovative concepts, our experienced engineers and physicists continuously inspire with outstanding solutions.

Top Quality at Fair Prices

We provide cutting-edge infrared technology. Cost advantages arising from bulk purchasing of semiconductor products and from the production process are passed directly on to our customers.


We take our corporate responsibility seriously – that is why we ensure sustainable production and a secure working environment for our employees.

Discover Optris: Your reliable partner in non-contact temperature measurement!

Learn how our 20 years of expertise and commitment to innovation and quality can elevate your non-contact temperature monitoring and process control, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in industrial operations.



Temperature Measurement in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry covers many manufacturing steps in which different materials are processed. The processes can be monitored and optimized by infrared thermometers and infrared cameras to ensure an efficient quality of the products.


Temperature Measurement in the Electronics Industry

Circuit boards are the core of the electronics industry. While continuously getting smaller, their power has to increase to meet quality expectancy. To increase the product quality while decreasing manufacturing time and lower production costs at the same time, state of the art control and measuring processes are applied from development to manufacturing as well as quality monitoring. Non-contact temperature measurement using stationary thermal imagers and pyrometers is a key part of the process.

Fire Prevention / Safety

Temperature Measurement for Fire Prevention​

Consequence of fires in industrial plants are not only severe material damages, but also production losses. Most of the times, fires are preceded by a significant build-up in heat, which can be detected by monitoring the plant with infrared cameras and infrared thermometers, thus preventing a possible breakout effectively.


Temperature Monitoring in the Glass Industry

Glass has been a mainstay of human life for centuries. Be it in the form of jewelry, the facades of buildings, or drinking containers, it comes in every size, shape and color imaginable. The most translucent material places very specific demands on non-contact temperature measuring technology.


Measuring Temperatures on Metal with Infrared Technology

Non-contact measuring sensors are an important part of metal production and processing. Through the use of measurement devices, a high quality of products can be achieved as well as a reduction in the process costs through specific process optimization.


Temperature Measurement in the Life Science and Medical Sector​

Different processes within the medical area can be monitored and optimized through the use of non-contact temperature measurement. Our products are used by producers of medical products but also by health professionals for fast diagnosis.


Temperature Monitoring in the Processing of Plastics

The production process of plastic products is as versatile as the plastics itself. We will only name the most common processes as there are different demands regarding the temperature measurement.

Electric Utility Sector

Web Access Converter Module

The Web Access Converter Module allows utility customers to instantly view thermal images and monitor temperature information from designated regions of interest from any browser using utility-based servers.

3D Printing

3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing

Monitoring and regulation of temperatures during every process stage of 3D Printing & Additive Manufacturing is critical to ensure high quality parts production. Optris provides a full family of infrared temperature sensors and three short-wavelength IR cameras optimized for temperature measurements on metal targets.

Products & Software

Infrared Thermometers

Optris infrared thermometers and pyrometers for spot measurements are particularly well suited for precise temperature monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes, research and development, and function checks of a diverse range of devices and systems.

Infrared Cameras

The optris infrared cameras offer fully radiometric thermal images and videos in real time while still being small enough to be easily integrated in processes and machines. Our lightest cameras can even be used in flight applications and thus provide aerial thermal imagary and videos.

IRmobile App

With IRmobile you are able to monitor your infrared temperature measurement on a connected smartphone or tablet.You can analyze the live IR image stream from your connected camera with auto hot and cold spot detection.  This app works on most Android devices running 5.0+ with a micro USB port supporting USB-OTG (On The Go).

optris PIX Connect

The IR analysis software optris PIX
Connect sets benchmarks within the thermography branch by offering its
users extensive recording and real-time analysis options. In addition,
moving measuring objects can be monitored via line scan function

A real-time data transfer to external software programms, including
radiometric video sequences and snap shots, text files for the analysis
in Excel as well as files containing color information for standard
programs such as Adobe Photoshop or the Windows Media Player, is
supported by the software PIX connect. 

The real time software optris PIX Connect sets benchmarks within the thermography branch and offers its users extensive recording and analysis possibilities.

optris CompactConnect & CompactPlus Connect

The licence-free temperature analysis software allows simple and fast parameterization of all optris fixed-installed infrared thermometers. It further serves the analysis and documentation of temperature measurement values, thus optimizing process control.

The Software Compact Connect is suitable for IR Thermometers of CS | CSmicro Series and CT Series

The modern software with its intuitive user interface enables the data display of multiple sensors in different windows. Additionally, the temperature information can easily be saved in Excel or MS Word for further actions.

Regarding the infrared thermometers CT and CTlaser, up to eight different emissivity values of different materials may be entered with their corresponding alarm levels, enabling the simultaneous monitoring of several processes.

The Software CompactPlus Connect is suitable for CT 4M, CTlaser 4M and CTratio 1M and 2M.

optris Calculator - One Tool. All devices

The Optris Calculator App combines the spot size calculator for IR pyrometers and the optics calculator for Optris IR cameras. It calculates the spot size for each device at any given distance.

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