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Web Access Converter Module

The Web Access Converter Module allows utility customers to instantly view thermal images and monitor temperature information from designated regions of interest from any browser using utility-based servers. In addition, alarms can be triggered on any region of interest based on a temperature rise from a designated reference target and customer set temperature rise thresholds.

High voltage electric power substation in summer day

Web Access Module

  • Instant access to real time video stream of thermal images from any PC’s web browser
  • Monitoring temperatures of up to 10 designated regions of interest
  • Independent emissivity and background correction for 10 designated regions of interest
  • Automatic alarm triggering based on a temperature rise from a reference target
  • Comfortable remote focus adjustment of the IR camera
  • Rugged IP65 enclosure rated to 50 °C with precast bolt holes for easy mounting (Outdoor Module)
  • Xi 400 industrial imager with 382 x 288 pixels calibrated for exact measurements in the range -20 °C to 900 °C
  • Difference temperature measurements and alarms between any two ROI’s fully supported
  • Optional 4 to 20 mA alarms for customer designated alarm thresholds


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Table view of ROI temperatures or calculated temperature rise
Table view of ROI temperatures or calculated temperature rise
long term chart alarm threshold
Long term chart shows temperature changes on key substation components over time under different load conditions. Set warning and alarm threshold to identify potential problems well in advance


Web access module connections
Web access module dimensions

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