Your Career at Optris

"We help save energy, increase efficiency and quality, and ultimately improve the quality of life."
Dr. Ing. Ulrich Kienitz

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This is Optris: Your Future Employer

As a medium-sized company, our employees are very important to us. The training of our employees plays an important role. We support student trainees, dissertation trainees and apprentices. We are very keen to support our employees in their continuing education.

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"I am proud of Optris' pioneering technology. We are different from many other companies."
Teresa Maya
International Sales

Become a Proud Innovator

Join the Optris team and become a proud innovator in the field of temperature measurement technology. With 90% of our product development and production taking place at our headquarters in Berlin, we maintain a high level of quality in all of our products. Our close working relationships between departments allow us to continually adapt our product range and respond quickly to market needs. Our direct sales network is made up of experienced engineers who provide competent advice, measurement solutions and excellent service to all our customers. With a large network of distributors around the world, we ensure fast and qualified regional service, working with technically competent distributors and providing regular training to ensure they can make the right sensor or IR camera recommendation for any application. Join us and be part of a highly competent team, ensuring smooth production of all our products. Let’s innovate together!

"What I find particularly positive is that we employees have a direct influence on the development of our products."
Johannes Gentz

Bring Your Ideas to Life

At Optris GmbH, we value creativity and innovation, and we believe that great ideas can come from anyone. That’s why we encourage all our employees to bring their ideas to life. As a part of our team, you will have the opportunity to work on exciting projects and contribute your ideas to our product development process. Our open and collaborative work culture ensures that everyone’s voice is heard, and we welcome new ideas that can help us improve our products and services. With our state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technology, we provide the resources and support needed to turn your ideas into reality. So if you’re looking for a company that encourages creativity and values innovation, join us at Optris GmbH and bring your ideas to life.

"A very pleasant working atmosphere with a flat hierarchy and a more than friendly employee base."
Frank Rehmer
Manufacturing Technology

Become a Family Member

At Optris GmbH, we believe that our employees are more than just workers; they are part of our family. Our close-knit team is built on trust, respect, and mutual support, creating a warm and welcoming work environment. We take care of our family members by offering competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits, and ample opportunities for personal and professional growth. Our open-door policy encourages open communication and collaboration, and we value the contributions of each and every member of our team. We celebrate our successes together, and we support each other through challenges. So if you’re looking for a workplace where you can feel like a valued member of the family, join us at Optris GmbH.

"At Optris, you can develop your potential and that does not go unnoticed."
Christian Hagemeyer

Seize your opportunities

At Optris GmbH, we believe in creating a workplace where our employees can grow both professionally and personally. We offer ample opportunities for career advancement, training, and skill development, empowering our employees to take charge of their career paths. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to take the next step, we provide the support and resources needed to achieve your goals. Our culture of innovation and creativity means that there are always new projects and challenges to tackle, allowing you to expand your knowledge and skill set. We also encourage our employees to take on new responsibilities and leadership roles, empowering them to take charge and make an impact. So if you’re ready to seize your opportunities and take your career to the next level, join us at Optris GmbH and let’s grow together.

We look forward to your application!
Please send us your informative application documents.