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Optris infrared thermometers and pyrometers for spot measurements are particularly well suited for precise temperature monitoring of industrial manufacturing processes, research and development, and function checks of a diverse range of devices and systems. Simply select a suitable temperature sensor from one of the following product groups!

CS | CSmicro Series

Pyrometers of the Compact Series

Optris introduces new benchmarks within the area of industrial pyrometers regarding the size and roubustness of the sensing heads. The miniaturized sensing heads are especially developed for the use in small and cramped surroundings and are perfect for applications with limited space, such as midgest instruments and engine constructions.

CT Series

Two-Piece Pyrometer

compact ir thermometer optris ct 4m for metal sensing head (optct4ml)

The CT series consists of pyrometers that come in two parts – a sensing head and a separate electronic box. This variant offers a straightforward device setup and shows temperature readings, but also provides additional functionality through the electronics box. This includes the ability to select from various interfaces like USB, RS232, RS485, Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, and Ethernet.

CSlaser | CTlaser Series

Sensing Head & Optional Electronic Box

The most compact design available is likely the measuring head that consists of just one piece – our pyrometers of the CSlaser series. These devices integrate the optics and electronics into a single, space-saving unit.

With the two-part thermometer design of the CTlaser series, there is a measuring head and a separate electronics box. Alongside a user-friendly device setup and temperature display, the electronics box provides the flexibility to select from various interfaces such as USB, RS232, RS485, Modbus RTU, Profibus DP, and Ethernet.

CSvideo | CTvideo | CSvision Series

Integrated Video Sighting

The sensor alignment of our CSvideo devices is made easier by the integrated video sighting and cross laser aiming features. Additionally, the sensor housing of the CSvideo head is constructed of stainless steel (rated IP65/NEMA-4).

The CTvideo head’s sensor housing is crafted from stainless steel with an equal rating, while the sensor electronics are located in a separate die-cast zinc box.

CTratio Series

For Extremely High Temperatures

Our ratio pyrometers exhibit significant resistance to dust, steam, and dirty observation windows, enabling accurate measurements even in cases where the window is up to 90% soiled. Furthermore, the pyrometer provides reliable measurements even when the measuring object only covers 5% of the measuring point or is in fast motion.


Additions for Maximum Functionality

Optris offers additional accessories for the temperature sensors and thermal imagers to enhance their features and their application possibilities. By combining optical or mechanical accessories, temperature monitors, additional lenses as well as sleeves and wrist straps for the portable thermometers, all devices meet their users individual expectations.

IRmobile App

Smart IR Measuring

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More Information

With IRmobile you are able to monitor your infrared temperature measurement on a connected smartphone or tablet.You can analyze the live IR image stream from your connected camera with auto hot and cold spot detection.  This app works on most Android devices running 5.0+ with a micro USB port supporting USB-OTG (On The Go).