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Welcome to Optris

We are one of the leading companies in the field of noncontact temperature measurement. We appreciate your interest and hope that you join the satisfied customers who choose to use our measurement technology – featuring the highest quality as well as groundbreaking measurement and application concepts.

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More Information

Company Structure

Thanks to the close cooperation of product development, production and sales, we can continually expand our range and react quickly to market requirements. Short decision-making paths and transparent structures make us more flexible in competition and open to to new ideas.

Made in Germany

In order to ensure the high quality of Optris products, 90 per cent of the production – as well as our product development – is carried out at our headquarters in Berlin. This is also where we coordinate our global sales.

Supporting our Employees

Maintaining a good relationship with our employees is very important to us – their continued specialized training plays an essential role. We support student employees, degree candidates and apprentice trainees in our company and facilitate their participation in further education.

Certified Quality

To guarantee the consistently high quality of our products, all Optris in-house processes are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. This ensures smooth product manufacturing processes.

Tradition and Innovation

Thanks to their extensive know-how and innovative concepts, our experienced engineers and physicists continuously inspire with outstanding solutions.

Top Quality at Fair Prices

We provide cutting-edge infrared technology. Cost advantages arising from bulk purchasing of semiconductor products and from the production process are passed directly on to our customers.​


We take our corporate responsibility seriously – that is why we ensure sustainable production and a secure working environment for our employees.

More Information on Our Company

Founding year
Foundation of Optris GmbH

Optris GmbH was founded in
2003 with the aim of enhancing the range of non-contact temperature sensors with advanced measurement and application

New Product
First stationary IR thermometer developed

Optris develops the first stationary infrared thermometer CT. In the same year Optris goes international and starts a cooperation with Optris Shenzhen. With this, Optris opens up the Chinese market.

New Product
Optris introduces the portable IR thermometer LaserSight (LS) with patented crosshair laser sighting

In addition to the launch of this sophisticated instrument with switchable optics in 2005, the miniaturized pyrometer series CS and CSmicro will be introduced in the following year 2006.

New Product
Launch of first IR imager PI 160

It is a new state of the art thermal imager with ready to use USB 2.0 interface for real time thermography with 120 Hz frame rate.

Doubling of manufacturing area

„The spatial expansion reflects the company‘s development during the last years. I am delighted to see our products in applications all over the world”, Ulrich Kienitz PhD, CEO of Optris.

New Product
Fully radiometric aerial thermography: the PI LightWeight

Fully radiometric aerial thermography with the PI LightWeight.

New Product
PI 640 VGA infrared camera

One of the worlds smallest infrared cameras with VGA resolution – ideal for integration in industrial and R&D processes.

New Product
PI 1M Short wavelength IR camera for the metal industry

The PI 1M features a continuous
temperature measurement range of 450 °C to 1800 °C, a frame rate of up to 1 kHz and selectable and exchangeable optics.

New Product
PI 640 G7: First VGA infrared camera for the glass industry

Dedicated for flat glass production or glass tempering lines this camera can also be used in linescan mode which makes it ideal for process control in these applications.

Optris IR sensing starts its business in Portsmouth/USA

Optris IR Sensing starts business in Portsmouth/USA. Meanwhile in Berlin the annual production of more than 60.000 pyrometers and cameras forces an expansion of the manufacturing area to 3000 square meters.

New Product
Launch of the compact spot finder IR cameras Xi80/Xi400 & IRmobile app for Android

The Xi series is a fusion of a rugged, compact pyrometer and a modern IR camera. The integrated spot finder function will identify the hottest (or coldest) spot in the image and automatically communicate these measurements without an external PC.

New Product
Specialized infrared camera for laser machining processes PI 08M

The PI 08M is ideal suited for almost all NIR and CO2 laser processing applications as radiation above 800 nm is blocked excellently.

New Product
Ratio pyrometer CTratio for high-temperature measurement of metals

It is especially suited for measurement of extremely high metal temperatures. The rugged sensing head and fiber optics can be used in hot environments up to 315 °C.

New Product
New high speed pyrometer CT 4M for very fast processes

With a response time of only 300μs the pyrometer is a great fit for fast high-volume production and packaging processes (eg. PET preform temperature monitoring).

New Product
New Bottom up system for glass tempering plants

The new system solves the low-E coating problem by having two infrared imagers installed underneath the tempering line which measure the temperature on the non-coated high emissivity side of the glass.

New Product
Innovative ratio pyrometer with video sighting

With the CSvision Optris launches a new class of pyrometers with video and laser sighting, motorized focus and a unique switchable two-stage brightness reduction filter.

Global Distribution Network

Optris has international presence due to its extensive network of sales partners. We highly value their expertise and regularly conduct product and application training events. This provides customers who use Optris infrared thermometers and thermal imaging cameras with expert global support.

Satisfied Customers

Our experienced application engineers guarantee expertise in the office and in the field. They ensure that our customers get first-class advice, reliable solutions for their measurement tasks, and excellent service.​

Comprehensive Service

As a globally operating company, comprehensive global customer support is vital to Optris. This is not only based on providing advice on infrared technology and new products, but is a living exchange of experience. With our international network of service partners, Optris is perfectly positioned for future development.​

Global Presence

Global Presence: We keep in close contact with our global sales partners and ensure that every customer project can be realized locally using the best-suited technology. Our international distributors are not only familiar with Optris products – they also know their country-specific attributes. 

Our Customers

With Optris we have a very wide spectrum of different devices, so that we are always able to select the optimum resolution and the appropriate lens.
Kirsten Köhn
With a constant temperature profile, the scrap in production was substantially reduced.
Thomas Müller-Lenhardt
Head of R&D, Gubesch Group
There are lots of benefits of using Optris pyrometers in our applications. They are really compact and able to withstand even the high ambient temperatures that prevail right behind the infrared radiators, which is where we install them.
Christian Herrmann
Development Engineer, KraussMaffei

Contact for Advice and Sales Worldwide

We offer comprehensive advice for your individual applications

Our experienced application engineers ensure competent and reliable customer service in the field. In addition, Optris works closely with numerous distribution partners worldwide.


Ferdinand-Buisson-Str. 14
13127 Berlin, Germany

Phone: +49 30 500 197-0

Managing Director:
Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Kienitz

Worldwide central number
+49 30 500 1970