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Fire prevention with non-contact temperature measurement

Early fire detection with infrared cameras and infrared thermometers is an important protective measure in the industry designed to avert irreparable damage in industrial plants and buildings. Hence surfaces can be observed 24/7 and protective measures can automatically be introduced via process technology.

Battery monitoring with IR temperature measurement - for every stage of use


It is no secret that e-cars and battery manufacturers are growing inexorably across all industries. Likewise, the risk of a fire breaking out is increasing. Lithium-ion batteries are the most effective batteries in the world, but also the most dangerous.
Once a li-battery has ignited it is almost impossible to extinguish confirm fire stations worldwide.
Our solution: Early hotspot detection to avoid the risk of a fire or explosion and associated health damage, expensive downtimes and resources.

Read more about it in the technical application note.

Infrared technology for fire protection - detect fires early


When it comes to fireprevention, speed comes first. The use of early fire detection systems is becoming more and more important and is attracting a lot of attention. Especially in industrial and recycling plants these systems have become an important safety standard. The infrared cameras from Optris are very popular for the use of early fire detection systems and contribute with useful accessories to continuously increase the user-friendliness and effectiveness of such systems.

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Fire prevention with IR cameras in garbage bunkers

Detection of garbage bunker


Waste recycling produces heat at the first collection point, the refuse bunker, which can cause a fire. To avert this hazard, bunkers can be monitored with an infrared camera end-to-end system.

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Infrared cameras monitor planing systems - from fire protection to quality control


At the Austrian company Binderholz GmbH, various products are machined using the latest generation of planing machines. If parts on these types of machines become too hot, in the worst case this could lead to the shavings igniting and resulting in a fire. Optris infrared cameras detect overheated parts immediately thereby removing the risk of fire effectively. But in this application, the infrared technology also provides additional benefits: Burns on the wood caused by excessive pressure are minimized.

Read more about it in specialist article.

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