Parallel Use of Patented Laser and Video Sight

Innovative Video Pyrometers Optris® CSvideo 2M and CTvideo Series for Hard-to-Reach and Hot Processes

The video pyrometers optris® CSvideo 2Moptris® CTvideo 1M/2M and optris® CTvideo 3M are state-of-the-art digital infrared thermometers with video sighting. “As opposed to conventional through-the-lens-sighting, our new video pyrometers allow an easy sensor alignment through a PC or tablet” explains Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Czech, Product Marketing Manager at Optris. Thus, the innovative infrared thermometers with video sighting are ideally suitable for temperature measurements of hard-to-reach processes and applications, where the measuring object is too hot for the laser sighting to be visible.

Video pyrometer and screenshot of the free software with automatic snap shot function

Infinitely Variable Focusing, Small Spot Sizes and High Temperatures Possible

Through the new vario optics, focus points can be adjusted infinitely variable from 90 mm distance to the focus point. The new infrared thermometers enable for an exact spot size marking from 0.5 mm through simultaneous video sighting and patented crosshair laser sighting and measure temperatures precisely from 50°C to 3000°C. Response times from 1 ms allow an optimal integration into fast processes. By measuring in the short wave length range of 1.0 µm, 1.6 µm or 2.3 µm, measurement errors on surfaces with low or unknown emissivity can be reduced significantly.

Software Optimal for Process Control and Documentation

For real-time process control and the integration into the process, the license-free user software optris® Compact Connect is supplied free of charge with the infrared sensors. A snapshot function has been added so application pictures can automatically be created and saved with all process data in defined time intervals or at the reaching of defined temperature values.


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