Spot finder infrared camera Xi 1M

Temperature measurement in the metal industry

The new spot finder infrared camera Xi 1M from optris has a large continuous temperature measuring range up to 1800 °C and is perfectly suited for applications in the metal industry.

The Optris Xi 1M, a short-wavelength infrared camera, excels in non-contact thermal imaging of challenging objects.

Spot finder infrared cameras combine the advantages of infrared cameras and infrared thermometers. They measure the temperatures for each pixel – in the new Xi 1M from optris, the highly dynamic CMOS sensor has a resolution of 396 x 300 pixels – and identify the maximum temperature within the image at 20 Hz. The new spot finder infrared camera is housed in a compact, robust housing and can therefore be easily integrated into various applications. With a manual motorized focus, the image can be quickly focused using the supplied software.

Continuous measuring range up to 1800 °C

With a spectral range of 0.85 to 1.1 µm, the Xi 1M is perfectly designed for temperature measurement on metal surfaces, melts, graphite or ceramics. The continuous temperature measuring range of 450 °C to 1800 °C, which is relevant for many applications in metal processing, also fits in with this. Compared to many other solutions, the new spot finder infrared camera does not require a measuring range switchover. The integrated spot finder function automatically measures the highest temperature within the camera’s field of view. This is particularly advantageous in metallurgy, for example, when the molten metal is partially covered by slag.

Via an external process interface, up to 9 freely definable measuring fields can be further processed as analog outputs (optionally 0/4-20 mA or 0-10 V) or output as alarms via relays, which is ideal for use in the OEM sector.

The Xi 1M can be configured for autonomous operation (without a PC). The temperature values are then transmitted via a direct analog output. Fast Ethernet, USB 2.0 and RS485 are available as digital interfaces. Modern Industrial Ethernet interface like Modbus TCP or EtherNet/IP are also available for the Xi 1M as an option.

The Xi 1M is available with different optics, which enable aperture angles between 7° and 28° and works at ambient temperatures from 5 °C to 50 °C. Optional accessories, such as an air purge attachment, shutter or water cooled housing, help to ensure that the new spot finder infrared camera can also be used in difficult ambient conditions.

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