Premiere of “Vigilance Control” in Industrial Process Interface

Integration of Thermal Imaging Cameras in Automated Processes

The new process interface (PIF) from Optris GmbH enables automatic process monitoring, for the continuous in-operation control of the hardware of the PI infrared cameras with all cable connections and the free analysis software PIX Connect. An innovation on the market in this monitoring process is the control of the external computer . “We have taken the principle of the dead man’s vigilance device, as used in railway vehicles, and applied it to our thermal imaging camera system”, explains Dipl.-Ing. Torsten Czech, Product Marketing Manager at Optris GmbH.

Fail-Safe Function

Continuous process monitoring must be ensured in 24/7 operation for the integration of thermal imaging cameras in a safety-relevant, automated process. To warrant this, six fail-safe states are monitored in the industrial PIF from Optris: malfunction of the thermal imaging camera, software malfunction, power supply failure or disconnection of the USB cable, power supply failure to the PIF, disconnection of the connecting cable between camera and PIF and cable break of the fail-safe cable. These are reported via a relay, which has been connected to a control unit (for example SPS). The status will be additionally displayed on the device via LED.

Digital and Analog Interfaces

For integration in the process, the industrial process interface has 3 analog/alarm outputs, 2 analog inputs, 1 digital input and 3 alarm relays. This enables monitoring of multiple measurement zones in the Field of View (FoV) of the camera. In addition, camera functions can be easily remotely controlled.

System of fail safe function of the industrial process interface (click to enlarge)

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