PI 640i Microscope optics

Microscope optics for chip-level thermal imaging of electronic components and boards

The newly developed Microscope lenses are especially designed for thermal inspection of electronic boards and analyses of small chip level components down to 8 μm.  The distance between the measurement object and the camera can vary between 80 and 100 mm (MO44) or 15 mm (MO2X).

Important specifications

  • Analysis of small chip level components down to 8 μm
  • Exchangeable, focusable optics for most flexible use of the c amera
  • Microscope stand included for hands-free simultaneous operation / testing
  • Exchangeable, focusable lenses for most flexible use of the camera
  • With a Temperature resolution (NETD) of 80 mK
  • Frame rates up to 125 Hz allow inspection of fast processes (like pulsed laser diodes)
  • Radiometric video or tiff recording with +/-2 °C measurement accuracy
  • License-free analysis software and complete SDK included

MO44: f=44 mm/ 20.0 x 14.0 mm (F=1.1)/ Min. spot (IFOV): 28 μm
MO2X: f=60 mm/ 5.4 x 4.0 mm (F=1.3)/ Min. spot (IFOV): 8 μm

Temperature range: -20-100 °C/ 0-250 °C/ (20)150-900 °C

From 7.250,00 

Technical details of the optris PI Microscope Accessory Kit


Scope of supply:

Thermal imaging camera optris PI 640i
• Microscope optics MO44 or MO2X
• Standard USB cable (1 m )
• Standard process interface
• Manual optris PI camera
• Standard PIF
• Rugged outdoor transport case
• Software package optris PIX Connect on USB flash drive
• Base plate with ESD pad (MO2X)
• Microscope stand (MO44) or Premium microscope stand with coarse and fine drive and
adapter for PI camera (MO2X)


Technical specifications optris PI Microscope kit

  • Minimum spot size:
    MO44: 28 μm
    MO2X: 8 μm
  • Microscope optics (FOV):
    MO44: 20.0 x 14.0 mm (F=1.1) / f= 44 mm
    MO2X: 5.4 x 4.0 mm (F=1.3)/ f=60 mm
  • Working distance:
    MO44: 80 – 100 mm
    MO2X: 15 mm
  • Temperature range (scalable):
    –20 … 100 °C, 0 … 250 °C, 150 … 900 °C
  • Detector:
    640 x 480 pixels @ 32 Hz
    640 x 120 pixels @ 125 Hz
  • Spectral range 8 – 14 μm
  • System accuracy (at ambient temperature 23 ± 5°C): ±2 °C or ±2 % , whichever is greater
  • Temperature resolution (NETD): 80 mK
  • PC interface: USB 2.0
  • Standard process interface (PIF)
    0–10 V input, digital input (max. 24 V), 0–10 V output
  • Industrial process interface (IPF)
    2x 0–10 V input, digital input (max. 24 V),
    3x 0–10 V output, 3x relay (0–30 V / 400 mA), fail safe relay
  • Cable length (USB): 1 m (standard), 3 m, 5 m, 10 m, 20 m
  • Ambient temperature: 0 … 50 °C
  • Storage temperature: –40 … 70 °C
  • Relative humidity: 10 – 95 %, non-condensing
  • Enclosing (size / rating):
    MO44: 46 x 56 x 119 – 126 mm (depending on focus position) / IP 67 (NEMA 4)
    MO2X: 52 x 59 x 139 mm/ IP 67 (NEMA 4)
  • Weight:
    MO44: 370 g
    MO2X: 410 g
  • Shock/Vibration:
    IEC 60068-2-27 (25G and 50G) / IEC 60068-2-6 (sinus shaped),
    IEC 60068-2-64 (broadband noise
  • Tripod mount 1/4 – 20 UNC
  • Power supply via USB
  • Emissivity 0.100…1.100
  • Software optris PIX Connect / Windows and Linux SDKs


Fields of applications for the IR microscope lenses

The optris Microscope optics are ideally suited to thermally analyze both entire circuit boards and detailed macro shots of individual components can be measured reliably. The high-quality thermal and geometric detail resolution of the infrared cameras allows for an effective and precise functional testing of electronic products.

With the new MO2X microscope optics with 2x magnification, the PI 640i infrared camera from Optris is now able to capture infrared images of even complex structures. For an exact temperature measurement, 4×4 pixels are required (MFOV), so that objects with a size of only 34 µm (MO44) can now be measured. This means that even tiny structures can be analyzed at chip level. The thermal resolution of 80 mK is a very good value for this optic. The focus of the new optics makes it possible to work at a distance of 15 mm from the object being measured. As the optics on the PI series infrared cameras can be easily exchanged, the system can be used flexibly for various measurement tasks. Together with the supplied highquality microscope stand with fine adjustment, microelectronic assemblies can be inspected very easily.

Thermography software optris PIX Connect included

All IR cameras are delivered with the thermography software optris PIX Connect, which has been developed specifically for the extensive documentation and analysis of thermal images. It allows you to analyse temperature data in real time as well as the remote control of your infrared camera. Furthermore, you can setup individual alarm levels for your process and define visual or acustic alarm signals.

Our thermography software is licence free and can easily be adjusted to your requirements.

All optris infrared cameras are compatible with the Data Aquisition (DAQ) Software Dewesoft X by