Infrared Temperature Measurement Technology

Infrared temperature measurement technology is a method of non-contact temperature measurement. Here, advantage is taken of the fact that a body emits electromagnetic radiation which, according to Planck’s law, is independent of its temperature, amongst other things.

For this, various types of infrared detectors are used. The measurement devices are divided into infrared thermometers or pyrometers for spot measurements and infrared or thermal imaging cameras for ascertaining the temperature of larger areas. Depending on the distance between the measurement object and the sensor, as well as the surface which is being measured, different measurement devices are employed. For example, due to their physical material characteristics, glass surfaces are measured using sensors which are very sensitive in specific, narrow-band spectral ranges.

In many industrial applications, infrared temperature measurement technology can only be applied with the aid of professional equipment, including, amongst other things, protective housing. The measurement technology is integrated into existing systems via interfaces.

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