Temperature measurement range

The temperature measurement range describes the current measurement range of an infrared camera or an infrared thermometer. It is indicated via two black body temperatures, which are used as limits for the calibration. The scaling of the entire measurement range (individual definition of the range limits for the output signal or for the display of the IR image) can be adapted to the respective measuring task manually or via a digital interface. Infrared cameras can have multiple temperature ranges.

The following table gives an example of the total temperature ranges of some infrared cameras:

Measured wavelengthTotal measurement rangeApplicationsInfrared camera
7.5 - 13 µm-20 … 1,500°CMeasurement of non-metals,
coated surfaces or plastics
e.g. optris PI 400
7.9 µm200 … 1,500°CMeasurement of glasse.g. optris PI 640 G7
0.85 - 1.1 µm450 … 1,800°CMeasurement of metal
and molten metals
e.g. optris PI 1M
0.5 - 0.54 µm900 … 2.000°CMeasurement of molten metalse.g. optris PI 05M

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