Thermal Images & Thermal Recordings

Watch our different thermal recordings and application videos starring our optris PI infrared cameras to get an impression of the high image resolution as well as the numerous analysis options.

Aerial Thermography – Thermal Recordings from the Skies

The optris PI LightWeight records aerial thermal images and videos. It is hence perfectly suited for monitoring vast energy producing installations, e.g. solar plants. The PI LightWeight further helps in the maintaining of buildings as well as in animal observations.


Infrared Camera for Animal Protection

Harversters in the agricultural sector are a severe danger to little fawns. More often than not, they are almost invisible hiding in the high grasses on the fields and end up getting killed or severly injured by harvesters. By detecting the animal’s thermal radiation using a optris PI LightWeight and a multicopter, hidden fawns are made visibile and thus can be removed before harvesting.

Inspection of Solar Parks

Vast solar parks are best monitored from the air. With the help of the optris PI LightWeight, malfunctions are easily detected using the hotspot detection. Thus, the temperature of every single solar cell is detected precisely, optimizing the operation of the whole park.

Infrared Cameras for Traffic Safety

Learn more about thermal imagers‘ advantages in traffic controls. The optris PI camera detects defects in trucks’ breaking systems within seconds.

Thermal Recordings with the PIX Connect Thermography Software

The optris PIX Connect thermography software offeres numerous features allowing for the camera’s use as a line scanner, changing color paletts for a better analysis, finding hot or cold spots, to name just a few. The following videos demonstrate some of the software’s features.


Thermal Recording of a Coffee Mug

Short infrared video showing a coffee mug, recorded with the infrared camera optris PI 160.

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