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Find information on the whole product range of our devices for non-contact temperature measurements, on infrared thermometers as well as infrared cameras including the respective software on our website.

For further information as well as additional criteria to decide on the fitting measurement device for your individual applications, see our product brochure and articles on different fields of application.

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Our training videos offer further insight in the operation of Optris infrared thermometers and thermal cameras. Convince yourself of the excellent image resolution as well as the numerous analysis options of our optris PI infrared cameras in our thermal recordings section.

Infrared Pyrometers

CSvision | Innovative ratio pyrometer with video sighting

With the new ratio pyrometers of the CSvision family, it is possible to measure temperatures from 550 °C to 3000 °C (1022 °F to 5432 °F) reliably from variable distances without contact. The novelty of the CSvision series is the switchable two-step brightness reduction filter, which makes it easy to sight and focus on very bright objects.

CT 4ML | High-speed pyrometer for fast-moving objects

The CT 4ML has been especially designed for measuring temperatures of fast-moving objects. The ultra-fast exposure time of just 90 µs makes it the ideal pyrometer for fast high-volume production.

CTratio | New ratio pyrometer

In metallurgy, a high emission of dust, which negatively affect temperature measurements often cannot be avoided. In order to ensure a reliable temperature measurement even under these adverse conditions, we have developed the new ratio pyrometer optris CTratio.

CSlaser | High performance series

We show you the setup of the pyrometer optris CSlaser and its functions.

CS LT | Compact Series

Compact and versatile: We give you the pyrometer optris CS LT.

Infrared Cameras

Xi series | Spot finder infrared cameras

This video introduces Optris’ new compact line: infrared cameras which also include the benefits of an infrared thermometer.

PI Series | The precision line

See where and how the infrared cameras of the optris PI series can be deployed.

Xi 410 | Unboxing



Xi 410 MT | Perfectly suited for measurement through flames

This model with a resolution of 320 x 240 pixels is able to perform precise temperature measurement through flames in the range of 475 °C (887 °F) to 1700 °C (3092 °F). 

Xi 400 CM | Package for condition monitoring

This new dedicated product package consists of Xi 400 imager, VIS camera and the USB Server – all pre-assembled into the Outdoor housing. Your ideal solution for early fire detection!

Glass Inspection Systems

This video shows how Optris helps companies in the glass manufacturing industry ensure a high product quality by monitoring temperature during all production phases.

PI Series with microscope optics

With the help of Optris’ infrared cameras, temperatures of tiny areas can be correctly measured without contact. This is particularly important for the electronics industry: in the design of circuit boards, in the testing of heat flows or in the quality control of electronic components.

PI 640 with microscope optics vs. thermocouple

This video demonstrates that non-contact temperature measurement of electronic components has many advantages compared to tactile measurement.

Fever Screening: handling and test measurement

This video shows a test setup for fever screening with an optris PI 450i T010 thermal imaging camera and the PIX Connect software.


BR20 Ambient Radiator: scope of delivery

This video shows the content of delivery for the optris BR20 ambient reference radiator.

PIX Connect Software Settings with the BR20 ambient radiator

This video shows how to load the predefined „FeverScreening“ layout into the PIX Connect software and it demonstrates how to set measuring areas, an alarm function and snapshot history with regards to fever screening tasks.

Use of BR 20 Ambient Radiator combined with an industrial Process Interface (PIF)

This video shows the hardware installation of the BR 20 Ambient Radiator in combination with an industrial Process Interface (with integrated alarm LED) through a PIF splitter and the software settings at the PIX Connect software.

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