VGA Thermal Imaging Camera with New Tele Optics

High-resolution thermography from long distances

An additional interchangeable lens now complements the optris® PI 640 thermal imaging camera. Four lenses are now available to meet the customer’s different measurement tasks and requirements. In addition to the 33°, 60° and 90° optics, measurements can now be performed using a 15° telephoto lens.

Expanded application range of high-resolution thermal imaging cameras

The optris® PI 640 is used worldwide across all industries. In addition to the surface to be measured, the size of the measured surface is critical. The telephoto lens now allows the temperature of extremely small objects to be measured from longer distances. “For example, the thermal imaging camera can measure the exact temperature of objects measuring 6 mmfrom a distance of 5 m”, explains Thomas Ullrich, Sales Director Middle & Eastern Europe of Optris, with regard to the advantage of the new optics.

Development, production and calibration in Germany

The lenses were designed and developed in Germany. The various components, including the germanium lenses customary in longwave infrared measurement range, are produced and assembled at the company’s headquarters in Berlin and the respective optics are calibrated to the thermal imaging camera. The optris® PI 640, including the telephoto lens, costs 6,800 euros. This open source software is included free of charge with the delivery. Adding additional optics to a thermal imaging camera including calibration costs 1,350 euros.

15° telephoto lens for small measurment objects despite long distances


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