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Constant Improvement

Medical engineering devices are evolving quickly and accompanying request towards the suppliers of device components are increasing as well. The Optris GmbH reacts to this by regularly improving and adjusting its sensors and thermal imagers for non-contact temperature measurement in the medical sector.

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Teamperature Measurement in the Medical Industry

Non-contact temperature measurement is of good service in the life sciences and in the medical industry, for example in temperature sensitive treatments as well as in production and development processes. Optris’ infrared thermometers, thermal imagers and particularly the pyrometer CS LT are especially suited for the demands of medical technology and are used by manufacturers of medical equipment as well as by doctors themselves. They are deployed in the production of glass syringes, the sterilization of glass bottles, in cold shock therapies or in the temperature monitoring in laboratories, just to name a few. Optris is thus offering the proper devices for a reliable temperature measurement in the medical field at all times.

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Fever Screening Systems

Virus epidemics like the Ebola virus disease in 2014 or the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) created a worldwide demand for suitable screening techniques allowing a fast non-contact detection of travelers with potential fever.

Cold Shock Therapy

The cold shock therapy is used for sporting injuries, swellings or muscle stiffness, for example. To avoid harm to the patient caused by undercooled skin, an accurate temperature control is essential.

Thermoforming of Dental Products

The first production step to produce gum shield inlays is the heating of the plastic foil up to a certain temperature with an infrared emitter. Pyrometers are monitoring the temperature and control the heating phase to ensure an ideal forming temperature.

Production of Glass Syringes

During the production of glass syringes, the needle is glued to the glass tube. This process takes place at a temperature of about 257 °F. Punctual measuring pyrometers are used to monitor and control the process and assure the quality of the syringes.

Sterilization of Glass Bottles

A sterilization of a defined temperature level is important to produce aseptic glass bottles for pharmaceutical products. The right temperature is secured and monitored by a punctual measuring pyrometer.

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