Medical | Temperature Control in Cryo Technology

Cold Shock Therapy

The optris CS LT finds regular use within the medical technology, such
as for cryo technology. The cryo technology is also known as the low
temperature technology. It is used to generate low temperatures with a
temperature range around -150°C (-238 °F).

This technology is used for treatments with cold shock. The cold shock therapy is used for sporting injuries, swellings, inflammation, bruises or muscle stiffness as well as oedema, haematoma or scar tissue. Inflammation spots can be dismantled faster and a reduction of the pain can be achieved.

OEM Usage

One medical OEM customer of Optris is using gas bottles with liquid CO2 gas for the thermo shock treatment. The liquid CO2 gas is pressed out of the gas bottle with 1-2 bars and applied to the skin as dry ice. During this process, the skin of the patient is cooled down from about 32°C (89,6 °F) skin surface temperature to 2 – 4°C (35,6 – 39,2 °F) within 30 seconds. To do not undercool the skin and cause harm to the patient, permanent control is necessary during this process.

For an easy control of the temperature of the skin surface, the optris CS LT is implemented into the pistol of the head unit and the measured surface temperature is shown on a display. Due to the wide temperature range between -40°C (- 40 °F) and 1030°C (1886 °F) , the optris CS LT finds perfect use within the cold shock therapy. Skin damages are avoided due to the exact display of the temperature.

Process Temperature

-150 °C (-238 °F) to 32 °C (89,6 °F)


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