CompactPlus Connect

Ultimate Software for IR Thermometers

The licence-free temperature analysis software allows simple and fast parameterization of all optris fixed-installed infrared thermometers. It further serves the analysis and documentation of temperature measurement values, thus optimizing process control.

The Compact Connect software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 or 10.

Compact Connect

Real-time data, full device parametrization

The Software Compact Connect is suitable for IR Thermometers of CS | CSmicro Series and CT Series

The modern software with its intuitive user interface enables the data display of multiple sensors in different windows. Additionally, the temperature information can easily be saved in Excel or MS Word for further actions.

Regarding the infrared thermometers CT and CTlaser, up to eight different emissivity values of different materials may be entered with their corresponding alarm levels, enabling the simultaneous monitoring of several processes.

CompactPlus Connect

New level of emperature data analysis

The Software CompactPlus Connect is suitable for CT 4M, CTlaser 4M and CTratio 1M and 2M.


Temperature Data Analysis

  • Detailed analysis of temperature-time diagram
  • Temperature data can be saven in Excel for further processing
  • Diagram window can be saved to clipboard for further use in standard programs such as MS Word

Automatic Process Control​

  • Triggered data collection
  • Individual setup of alarm levels depending on the process
  • Definition of different analog and digital signal outputs (depending on the chosen intersection)
  • optris CT / optris CTlaser: Input of up to eight different emissivity values of different materials with corresponding alarm levels

Temperature Display and Recording​

  • Presentation of temperature values as temperature-time diagram as well as as digital display
  • Real-time display of temperature data while processing (ratio, minimum and maximum value)
  • Automatic or manual scale adjustment of diagram for best display of measurement values
  • Data recording for detailed analysis and documentation later on

Customer Specific Software Adjustments

  • Various language options including a translation tool
  • Temperature display in °C oder °F
  • Adjustment of layouts
  • Loading and saving of measurement parameter settings for the specific application
  • Starting of different software stages to display multiple sensors
  • Locking of programing keys at CT electronic

Optris sets the standard in pyrometer thermometry. Optris free of charge advanced software solutions, CompactConnect and CompactPlus Connect software support all available pyrometers. These software packages provide users with a suite of powerful features for comprehensive temperature management and analysis.

The software empowers users to automate temperature-related processes, ensuring consistent and reliable outcomes. Whether in the industrial, research, or manufacturing sector, these software solutions cater the pyrometer to diverse applications where precise temperature measurement is paramount. Complete parameterization of the sensor is a standout feature, allowing users to fine-tune the performance of CompactConnect and CompactPlus Connect pyrometers. CompactConnect and CompactPlus Connect software offer device-specific adjustments of the pyrometers. These configuration options range from setting alarm thresholds over adjusting emissivity to scaling the slope of the analog output. Also advanced signal processing as peak-hold and valley hold signal processing options can be configured.

This comprehensive customization capability and signal processing of temperature data ensures optimal sensor functionality based on the unique demands of different processes and environments. Temperature display and recording are intuitive functions incorporated into the software. Users can monitor real-time temperature variations and record data for further analysis. This real-time monitoring capability is crucial for quick response to process changes, maintaining quality standards, and ensuring compliance.

An innovative feature that sets CompactConnect and CompactPlus Connect apart is their ability to create snapshots with video models. The software enables users to capture and analyze video streams alongside temperature data. This dual functionality provides a holistic understanding of processes, especially in applications where visual inspection is as crucial as temperature measurement. The CompactConnect and CompactPlus Connect software for Optris pyrometers redefine the landscape of temperature management.

These software solutions, enriched with features such as temperature data analysis, automatic process control, and device-specific configuration, empower users to achieve precision and efficiency in their temperature-sensitive processes.

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