IR Thermometers Accessories

Extended Functions and Usability

At Optris, we understand the importance of maximizing the capabilities of your IR thermometers. That’s why we offer a diverse range of top-quality accessories designed to enhance your thermal measurement experience.

You will find the STEP files for our accessories in the download area.

CoolingJacket and Cooling Housing

Our newly developed CoolingJacket Advanced protects the sensing head in high temperature surroundings (cooling with air up to 100 °C (212 °F) and with water up to 315 °C [599 °F]) and it allows the integration of additional components like PI NetBox, USB Server Gigabit and Industrial Process Interface (PIF) in the extended version. Ethernet Cat. 6, USB- and sensor cables for ambient temperatures up to 250 °C (482 °F) as well as an optional cable cooling for up to 315 °C (599 °F) are available.

Air Purge Collars

Air purge collars are available in different sizes depending on the devices. The sensing head will be protected from dirt and outside impacts.

IR App Connector

IR App Connector: USB adapter cable with Micro-USB plug and adapters for USB-C and USB-A, compatible with IRmobile (Android) and CompactConnect (Windows)

Cooling Jacket

for CSlaser / CTlaser

Water cooled housing Cxlaser/ Cxvideo

for ambient temperature up to 347 °F

Air purge collar

for heads with optical resolution ≥10:1

Air purge collar, laminar

with integrated CF-lens (for LT)

CoolingJacket Advanced

for Cxlaser, Cxvideo, CSvision

Water cooled housing CSvision

for ambient temperature up to 347 °F

Air purge collar

for Cxlaser / CxVideo / CSvision

Air purge collar for Massive housing (D06)

or CSmicro hs / CThot / CT P3 / CT P7 / CTratio

Air purge collar, laminar

with mounting fork, adjustable in 2 axes

Air purge collar, laminar

with integrated CF-lens (for 1M/ 2M/ 3M)

CT-Ethernet TCP/IP / Modbus TCP Interface-Kit

incl. computer cable


incl. computer cable for CT/ CTlaser/ CTratio

RS485/422-USB adapter

incl. cable and terminal block

Relay interface

2 optically isolated relays

Profibus-DPv1 interface

with M12-connection (M12 connector incl.)

IR App Connector

for CT / CTlaser (except 4M)

IR App Connector

for CSvideo

CT-EtherNet/IP Interface-Kit

incl. computer cable


for CT / CTlaser


for CT / CTlaser


for CT / CTlaser

USB-Server Gigabit 2.0

for CSvideo / CTvideo / CSvision

IR App Connector

for CS / CSmicro / CSlaser

IR App Connector

for CT 4M / CTlaser 4M / CTratio

CF lens (close focus)

for CS / CT / CSmicro

Protective window

for Cxlaser / Cxvideo

Protective window

for CS / CT / CSmicro

KF40 flange

up to 10-7 mbar

Mounting fork

adjustable in 2 axes, with thread M12x1

Mounting flange

for CoolingJacket Advanced

Mounting adapter

mounting and pipe flange incl. screws

Mounting bracket Cxlaser/ Cxvideo/ CSvision

adjustable in one axis, with tripod thread

Mounting bracket CS / CT / CSmicro

adjustable in one axis

Mounting bracket

for CoolingJacket Advanced

Right angle mirror

for measurements 90° to the sensor axis

Mounting kit

for USB Server Gigabit and PIF

Mounting kit

fitting to pipe flange and CoolingJacket

Mounting bolt

with thread M12x1

Mounting bracket Cxlaser/ Cxvideo/ CSvision

adjustable in two axis, with tripod thread

Mounting bracket

for CT and Laser-Sightingtool

Mounting bracket

for CT and Laser-Sightingtool, with hole for tripod

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