Software Development Kits (SDK)

For Optris Xi and PI Thermal Imaging Cameras

We offer two SDKs for our Xi and PI thermal imaging cameras. A comparison of their features can be found in the respektive Technical Note.

Connect SDK

This SDK offers a very wide range of functions. The PIX Connect software needs to run as background process.
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10
The Connect-SDK is part of the scope of delivery of the optris Xi and PI.

Direct SDK

This SDK does not require the PIX Connect software to be run.
The library “libirimager” provides a C ++ interface for Linux and Windows. Interfaces for LabVIEW and MATLAB are included in the SDK.
Supported operating systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 and 10 / Linux

You can download the Direct SDK free of charge from the Evocortex GmbH website:

An overview of the available features can be found here.

Please direct your support queries to

A sample program for the Direct SDK with an Optris camera (PI or Xi) can be downloaded here: Direct SDK sample program

If you do not hold licences for full versions of LabVIEW or MATLAB, you may download sample versions and their installation guides here:

MATLAB (sample program / installation guide / installation video)
LabVIEW (sample program / installation guide / installation video)

Alternatively you can use MATLAB or LabVIEW in a communication mode via virtual com ports. We produced a video that describes the use of a virtual com port installation program based on a simple application example.

ROS interface for the Direct SDK​

Optris’ thermal imaging cameras can be integrated into an ROS middleware for the above architectures. Wrappers for the previous version (ROS fuerte to ROS jade) and the latest version (ROS kinetic and upwards) can be found here:

Evocortex solutions with the Direct SDK

Evocortex is a certified system partner of Optris, providing customer specific high-performance image-processing software, e.g. for industrial measurement devices or drones. Evocortex also offers hardware solutions, e.g. the EvoSmartLink IR.

Software for data acquisition

The company CAD Computer offers software for data acquisition and drivers for the integration of our optris PI series.

Contact for Advice and Sales Worldwide

We offer comprehensive advice for your individual applications

Our experienced application engineers ensure competent and reliable customer service in the field. In addition, Optris works closely with numerous distribution partners worldwide.


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