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Temperature Measurement of Smallest Components

Circuit boards are the core of the electronics industry. While continuously getting smaller, their power has to increase to meet quality expectancy. To increase the product quality while decreasing manufacturing time and lower production costs at the same time, state of the art control and measuring processes are applied from development to manufacturing as well as quality monitoring. Non-contact temperature measurement using stationary thermal imagers and pyrometers is a key part of the process.

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Temperature under Control

Infrared cameras are a valuable aid in the development, testing and manufacturing of electronic assemblies. With high resolutions, the temperatures and temperature distributions of even miniaturized components can be measured. This helps in spotting errors during the design process and reliably identifying faulty components. The result is quicker and safer electronics development.

Component Inspection

Infrared cameras with microscope optics as well as high performance infrared thermometers allow for the detection of smallest measurement areas or spots (28 µm). By this, single components and junctions can be checked for heating spots or heat impact among each other.

Design Validation

Electronic assemblies have to get smaller, more powerful as well as more cost effective. Design – both the arrangement and the application of the elements – is a key factor. Infrared measurement technology ensures an efficient heat management. The VGA thermal imager optris PI 640 is perfectly suited for these tasks.

String Soldering

For the production of solar modules the temperature of wafers is captured during the string soldering process. This assures a reliable and efficient assembling process. Temperature measurement takes place on the silicium surface which is connected to the braze point. That’s how the quality of the homogeneity of the soldering is measured.

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