Glass | Continuous Control during the Production of Container Glass

Simultaneous Measurement

Container glass, meaning for example bottles in all sizes and shapes, must be repeatedly monitored for its process- relevant temperature during the production process.

When the molten glass exits through the feeder, the glass strand is cut. The thereby resulting molten glass grobsmust have a temperature of about 1000 °C to ensure quality. Infrared thermometers and cameras with a short wavelength spectral response of 1 μm enable to measure the core temperature of the gob. With the innovative optris PI 1M a simultaneous measurement of multiple areas like three gobs in one image is possible.

Only a Few Seconds to React

During the forming process, which takes place at temperatures of over 500 °C, infrared sensors are also used for monitoring. Since the process only takes a few seconds, the reaction of the sensors is of critical importance here. The thermal measurement of the glass can be influenced by direct measurement of the glass surface or indirect measurement of the surface of the forming tool for both the forming of the parison shape as well as during finishing of the mold.

Supported and Controlled

To complete the finishing process, another temperature control to reduce tensiontakes place in the containers. The glass is heated again and subsequently gradually cooled in a cooling tunnel over a period of up to 30 minutes. When the containers exit the heating zone, the cooling process is supported and controlled by temperature measurement.

Glassworks. Glass industry. Burning blanks of glass bottles in an industrial stove
Glassworks. Glass industry. The process of making glass bottles.

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