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Limitless Functionalities, No Extra Cost

The IR analysis software optris PIX Connect sets benchmarks within the thermography branch by offering its users extensive recording and real-time analysis options. In addition, moving measuring objects can be monitored via line scan function.  

A real-time data transfer to external software programms, including radiometric video sequences and snap shots, text files for the analysis in Excel as well as files containing color information for standard programs such as Adobe Photoshop or the Windows Media Player, is supported by the software PIX connect.  

The real time software optris PIX Connect sets benchmarks within the thermography branch and offers its users extensive recording and analysis possibilities.

Advantages of PIX Connect

One Service that Grands Total Control

Several functions for automatic process and quality control procedures, such as the individual setup of process related alarm levels, are supported by the thermografic software, enabling you to immediately react to temperature fluctuations and thus, optimize your processes.

The PIX connect software is compatible with all netbooks, notebooks and computer systems using Windows 7,8, and 10 as well as Linux (ubuntu) via Direct-SDK.

PIX Connect Tutorials

Whether you are a professional or just starting your journey with infrared thermography, this comprehensive video guide will help you harness the full potential of your Optris thermal imaging camera of PI or Xi Series. With PIX Connect Software, you’ll be able to capture, analyze, and visualize thermal data like never before.


A distinctive feature that sets Optris PIX software apart is its commitment to unrestricted licensing. Optris ensures that users encounter no limitations in licensing, fostering a flexible environment for businesses and research institutions to scale their operations without being constrained by restrictive licensing conditions.

The user-friendly interface of PIX is a standout feature, allowing users to navigate the software effortlessly. A correct configuration is the key to leverage the Optris infrared camera. The PIX Connect software enables users to tailor their infrared cameras to meet specific requirements. This includes detailed device-specific configurations such as frame rate and field of view adjustments, external communication settings, and USB/Ethernet configurations. Moreover, PIX Connect facilitates firmware updates and the download of configuration files over the internet. PIX Connect also plays a pivotal role in configuring infrared temperature-related settings, encompassing measurement fields, emissivity, alarm values, and supporting advanced signal processing of temperature data stream.

The software's versatility extends to the recording of infrared images and triggered snapshots, providing a comprehensive analysis of temperature variations over time – a crucial aspect for industries focusing on quality control and process optimization. Beyond generic applications, PIX thrives on a high degree of individualization, allowing users to configure cameras for bespoke solutions that cater to unique needs. This level of customization positions PIX as a versatile tool applicable across diverse industries, from manufacturing to research and development. The high customization of the software avoids costly and time consuming software development of own customized solutions. Various advanced algorithms, functions and features are included.

For dynamic environments with moving objects and limited optical access, PIX introduces the Linescanner function. This feature facilitates temperature measurement on the surface of dynamic objects, contributing to enhanced accuracy in challenging conditions. Another noteworthy feature is the merger function, enabling the combination of infrared images from multiple cameras to expand coverage and capture a broader field of view. Optris' commitment to providing PIX software free of charge is a notable advantage for industries seeking precision and efficiency in thermal imaging applications with Optris infrared cameras.

The software's continuous maintenance and improvement by German software engineers underscore its reliability and commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the field. Optris PIX software remains a standout choice for those striving for excellence in thermal imaging applications.

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