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Power Loss Generates Heat

The ever-increasing integration density, however, means that the amount of heat resulting from power loss in the components increases all the time. Another factor here is continual miniaturization, which can impede efficient heat dissipation. Even applications which carry relatively large currents are becoming more and more common – in drive technology for example – thanks to the use of power electronics. The lifespan of semiconductor elements is hugely dependent on temperature. An increase in temperature of 10 °C will cause a 50% reduction in lifespan. This means that developers of electronic assemblies are faced with the challenge of allowing for the thermal behavior of circuit boards and assemblies.

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Recording Temperature

The temperatures of semiconductors, printed circuit boards or entire assemblies are ideally measured with the help of infrared technology. The measuring procedure is quick, precise and non-contact – a consideration of particular importance in electronics manufacturing. When measuring, checks should be made to see where exactly a circuit board is showing which temperatures. The causes for excessive temperatures can be manifold: defective components, incorrectly dimensioned circuit paths or poorly soldered joints. In order to properly record the temperatures of very small components and structures on a circuit board, an infrared camera with a suitably high resolution is necessary. With this you can, for example, identify exactly which component on a circuit board is displaying excessive temperatures.

Process Temperature

30 °C (86 °F) to 120 °C (248 °F)

Which Is the Right IR-Camera?
Click here to find the product that suits your demands.
Which Is the Right IR-Camera?
Click here to find the product that suits your demands.

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