PI 640i infrared camera from Optris with new microscope optics

PI 640i infrared camera from Optris with new microscope optics Temperature measurement in the electronics industry Electronic components consist of ever smaller structures and have a very compact design. Optris is now launching new microscope optics for the PI 640i infrared camera in order to measure temperatures precisely and with high geometric resolution, even with […]

New Optris Complete System for Glass Tempering Plants

Teaser showing benefits of the new top-down glass inspection system 640 R.

Optris GmbH has now developed the special GIS 640 R system for glass hardening applications. It is based on the PI 640 IR camera and can be optimally used on any glass curing system thanks to selectable optics with different aperture angles. The GIS 640 R also delivers excellent results when measuring low-E glasses.

Fever Inspection of Passengers

The coronavirus and other diseases are highly dangerous and transferred by sick people or contaminated objects. In our global world airplanes are one way to export this virus all over the world. China for instance has more than 200 airports so it’s an import international challenge to prevent sick people flying. For this purpose you can use Optris’s fever inspection system.

Compact Infrared Camera for Laser Machining Processes

Temperature measurement in processes where lasers are used provides major challenges for infrared measurement technology: So for example the camera needs to be insensitive to the laser’s scattered light. The new optris PI 08M is ideally suited to these kinds of applications.

Operate IR Cameras and Pyrometers Easily with Your Smartphone

The infrared cameras and pyrometers from Optris can now also be operated easily using a smartphone or tablet. For this, the specialist for infrared measurement technology now provides the new IRmobile App for Android in the Google Play Store. In this way, the need to use a laptop can be therefore be avoided for many applications.

Cost-Effective Infrared Camera with Microscope Optics

In time for the electronica 2018 trade fair, Optris is introducing an additional infrared camera in their new Compact Line onto the market. The optris Xi 400 camera has been equipped with a microscope optics as well as a tripod suitable to meet the requirements of the electronics industry.

Xi 80 Honored with Messtec + Sensor Masters Award

The spot finder IR camera optris® Xi 80 received an award on March 21, 2018 at the messtec + sensor masters award with second place in the sensor technology category. The prize-giving ceremony took place at the messtec + sensor masters in Stuttgart.

Compact Spot Finder IR Camera

Optris introduces its innovations optris Xi 80 and optris Xi 400. The two temperature measurement devices combine the benefits of infrared cameras and infrared thermometers.