Temperature measurement automotive

Monitoring and regulating process temperatures during every stage of the manufacturing process is a key factor in the temperature measurement in the automotive industry. To meet the specific expectations of this field of application, Optris has developed several infrared sensors and thermal imagers, that help to ensure high quality products, reduce defective goods and further optimize the manufacturing process.

Temperature measurement in automotive applications

Thermoforming of exterior

The greatest challenge for the production process of automotive exterior parts is to secure a constant temperature monitoring. Even in the pilot production, a continuous temperature measurement is essential to optimize the process and maximize both quality and output of the serial production.

Laminating of Interior

Vehicle interiors are partly equipped with different surface decors during a laminating process. This process takes place at around 120°C – the decor temperature is controlled and optimized during this time. All devices can additionally be equipped with an air purge collar as well as a protective housing.

Vehicle defect analysis

The Optris portable thermometers alleviate vehicle inspections. Defects at brakes, heating systems or air conditions can therefore be localized. Due to this fast process, more time will remain for the error recovery.

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