Berlin, 17 June 2010. The Optris GmbH has consistently enhanced its product programme during the past months and introduced with its CT series a product family, which covers the most common applications within the infrared temperature measurement technology.

Therefore the CT series can be used by customers within different industries for their processes. New benchmarks will be set for applications in OEM solutions and multiple applications within infrared measurement points due to the smallness of the products and the very advantageous prices.

Innovative infrared thermometers cover temperature ranges from -50°C to 1800°C and see to it that their signal processing covers fast temperature changes starting from 1 msec. Small objects starting from 0.5 mm can be measured through powerful optics. The miniaturized sensing head of only 14 mm diameter and 28 mm length fits into small and tight environments. Separated from the electronic box the products can also be used in electro-magnetic environments without interruptions (e.g. close to inductors, etc.). The integration of the products into existing and planned constructions is eased through versatile alternatives for data output (digital / analogue), easy accessible programming buttons as well as an intelligent display on the electronic box.

The short wave length infrared thermometers CT 1M, CT 2M and CT 3M are used for metal surfaces. With a starting temperature of 50°C monitoring metals and composites within manufacturing processes can be achieved close to room temperature. For high temperature applications the devices are calibrated up to 1800°C. The sensing heads can be used at a surrounding temperature up to 125°C without a cooling support.

The device CT G5 is used for temperature measurement of glass surfaces (flat glass, container glass, solar cells, etc.) ranging from 100°C to 1650°C. A reliable measurement can be secured through the wave length of 5.2 µm. Further Optris developed a narrowband measuring device – CT P7 – for the measurement of thin foils from e.g. polyether sulphone, polyurethane and Teflon.

For the measurement of non-metal surfaces such as plastics or paper the CT LT has been developed. With temperature ranges from -50°C to 975°C and maximum surface temperatures of 180C the devices can be used for universal applications. Already small objects starting from 0.5 mm size can be measured with the CT LT. The special design CTfast has an acquisition time of 9 msec and is used in especially fast processes (e.g. temperature measurement in printing machines). The device CThot allows the implementation of the sensing heads within a surrounding temperature of up to 250°C without any cooling device. This one-of-a-kind version alleviates the implementation of infrared thermometers within a number of application into dryers, kilns or heat treatment equipment.

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