Berlin, 15th February 2010. Optris GmbH is expanding its product range of infrared thermometers with the advanced all new optris PI USB IR camera for applications in product and process development, process control and mobile thermographic applications.

Dr.-Ing. Ullrich Kienitz, managing director of Optris said: “The new optris PI is a new attempt on the infrared camera market. It is really the smallest, fastest and most portable infrared online camera, featuring one of the best price performance ratios at that time.”

The optris PI is the most portable infrared USB video camera on the market. It allows thermographic temperature measurements in a wide range of object temperatures from -20 to 900°C. The optris PI is a full radiometric thermographic device, showing temperature images and profiles of the target area to be observed. It has a new state of the art optical and electronically design with a ready to use USB 2.0 interface for real time thermography and infrared video recording with a 100 Hz frame rate. The optris PI has a very small, water proof and rugged camera sensing head with exchangeable optics of 31° and 9° and 64°. It can be connected with control cabinets via an up to 100m extendable USB 2.0 interface sets.

Beside the digital interface USB 2.0 for image processing, an additional Process Interface output (PIF out) with 0-10 V analog output is offered. This can be used to send out information like the temperature of the object or other measurement information. A Process Interface input (PIF in) allows analog remote control of emissivity adjustments and other functions. The optris PI parameter DLL gives the engineers the opportunity to implement the thermal images into customer specific software.

The optris PI is extremely lightweight and one of the smallest cameras in the world. With dimensions of 45 mm x 45 mm x 62 mm and a weight of 250g (incl. lens and 1 m USB cable) it fits in narrow spaces and is ideal for the use inside machines and test stations. The environmental rating is IP67.
The optris PI is powered via an USB 2.0 interface with a current draw of maximum 500 mA.

The extensive Windows based software package optris PI connect includes a recording function for radiometric videos, snapshots, analysis and post processing of infrared images or videos and a sophisticated infrared line scan mode. It offers a complete set up of parameters and a remote control for the infrared camera. Accessories for adaption to a wide range of industrial and scientific applications are also available.

The operator can use flexible spots with crosshair marking and programmable measurement areas with automatic display of maximum-, minimum- or average value. Temperature profiles along defined lines inside the image can be shown in separate graphs. A complete feature set of line scanner functionality is implemented. optris PI connect includes a recording function for radiometric videos, snap shot images, an analysis and post processing of infrared images and videos. It offers a complete set up of parameters and a remote control of the infrared imager. The software optris PI connect offers a wide range of eleven different color palettes and ready to use measurement as well as display layouts and infrared video cutting function. The user can download improved updates of the software PI connect via the Optris Website .

The optris PI is typically used in manifold R&D applications in test booths, the thermal analysis of materials and for troubleshooting purposes. The camera can show the thermal behavior of working PCBs in test stations. Inside test stations for breaks and clutches engineers will see thermal effect on mechanical parts. Material homogeneity can be observed in the solar panel industry, in the R&D of LCD flat screen and semiconductor process applications. The very good thermal sensitivity (NETD 0.08 K with 31° FOV) gives the camera the opportunity to show finest temperature details of an object.

Continuous processes can be observed with the use of the optris PI for industrial product processing in plastic industry, flat glass production, metal treatment and material coating procedures. The optris PI offers the opportunity to detect hot spots of bulk materials on conveyor belts. Network integration tools help to implement the optris PI into factory automation systems. The cooling jacket and other accessories allow the installation under harsh environments. The optris PI can be combined with Pyrometers and blackbody sources for smart temperature observation systems under difficult boundary conditions.

The optris PI is convertible into a transportable measurement device in combination with netvertibles and UMPCs for predictive maintenance purposes and mobile IR thermography applications. It is closing the gap between handheld infrared snapshot cameras and pure online installations.

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