Training Videos on IR Thermometers and Thermal Cameras

The following training videos offer insight in the principles of non-contact temperature measurement as well as in the operation of our infrared thermometers and thermal imagers. You will further learn about some of the more complex functions of our devices.

Become an Infrared Expert

For further information on non-contact temperature measurement with thermal imagers and infrared thermometers in various fields of application see our article What is infrared temperature measurement as well as our technical articles.

Naturally, we are glad to answer your questions on our temperature measuring devices. Just give our application engineers a call!

Our product videos provide you with more information regarding the setup, operation and fields of applications of our infrared thermometers and thermal cameras. Watch the thermal recordings to learn about the excellent image resolution as well as the numerous analysis options of our optris PI infrared cameras.

PROFIBUS Connection of Stationary Infrared Thermometers

How do I connect my optris infrared thermometer with a Siemes SPS via Profibus? Our Field Application Engineer Maik Lippe demonstrates the procedure. He even has valuable tips regarding the transmission of orders to the SPS.

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